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Planning a casino night party? We have crafted a casino night party checklist to ensure your event is a complete success. With over 30 years of experience in the casino party planning industry, we have perfected the casino themed events in Chicago. If you have any questions about equipment rental, venue ideas or anything else casino event related, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Ready to host your first casino party in Chicago, but still looking for a venue? With over 30 years of experience hosting casino events in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs – we have been to countless venues! In Chicago, we’ve seen clients look for three distinct types of venues – The Awesome Rooftop, The Trendy Loft Space and The Classic Chicago Venue. With that in mind, I’ve listed my venue picks that fit each of those categories.

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The Vertigo Sky Lounge in the Dana Hotel is a gorgeous space for corporate events and private parties. We’ve held a number of casino parties in the sky lounge, and it’s always a smash. The space has an all year around indoor/outdoor rooftop space for 20 to 300. It has ambiance, style, a great staff and stunning views of the city.

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ROOM 1520

Room 1520 has all the character you want out of an old Chicago factory – high ceilings, polished cement floors, exposed brick and an open floor plan. Bonus? There’s plenty of parking in this West Loop event space! At our last casino event at Room 1520, guests loved entering to an artisan staircase and Italian crystal chandelier.



If you’re looking for a classic Chicago event space to host your casino party – look no further. The Signature Room on the 95th Floor of the Willis Tower is stunning, old school Chicago. The views stretch as far as Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin – and they’re dirty martini is perfect. We love hosting events here just to watch the sunlight slowly fade out and the bright city lights come alive.

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5 Casino Party Favor Ideas for Your Next Event

Choosing your casino party favors requires careful thought. Your ultimate goal at the end of the night is to be left with ZERO party favors. You want your casino party favors to be so amazing that no one, not even the stumbling guy at table five, leaves it behind.

Here are my top two rules to follow when choosing your party favor:

  • Easy to Carry – Ideally fits in a purse or pocket

  • Useful – Please no miniature decorative mirror boxes filled with candy.



A pair of dice is a super easy casino party favor. They are a little expensive, but fun, easy to carry and useful. Any real gamer knows how important it is to stock up on dice. You can get these plain or embossed with a logo or company name – try



Edible favors are by far the best – as long as you bag (or box) it in something simple. Remember, no miniature decorative mirrored boxes! A local popcorn shop, maybe even Garrett’s, can make you a custom black and red popcorn mix for your event in small plastic bags with a custom label. Or, if it’s a smaller party, you could try making this Black Widow Popcorn with Red M&M’s. How good does that look? Use small plastic bags to store it and seal it with a custom sticker.



Your casino party guests would love little mini bottles of Champagne. While it borders on the “easy-to-carry” rule, I’ve certainly seen men fit these into their pockets before. There is also a high likelihood that these mini bottles will be opened before the event ends. Use a simple black ribbon to tie on a branded label for nice extra touch. Maybe even a business card?



Yes. The most straight forward casino party favor of them all. Playing cards are easy to carry, useful and directly related to the event theme. These are great party favor gifts – but do not get the clear plastic playing cards. No one likes to actually play a game of cards with them. Take it a step further and get the card box branded with your company name or event logo.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check with your hosting venue about outside alcohol and food – you might have to purchase it through them.


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Casino Party Ideas & Planning

Everyone wants to throw a party that friends will remember for years to come. Planning a party can seem tricky if you are trying for results that are “over the top”. After years of party-going and party-planning, I am here to tell you: There are amazing ideas that will make your event the hit of the century!

Everyone should be able to have fun. Not all of your friends will be ‘casino savvy’, so planning for different levels of casino experience will ensure everyone feels comfortable enough to enjoy themselves. Without a doubt, the most exciting game at a casino party is craps. It doesn’t take knowledge or experience to play, and nothing is more exciting than a table full of frie...

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Having a casino party is like the adult version of going to an arcade and earning tickets while you play games. Except in this case, you’re collecting chips instead! So what should your guests do with all of those chips they’re earning? Here at Chicago Casino Suppliers, we’ve worked with plenty of parties, and have seen many different strategies for awarding prizes. Sometimes the host will supply prizes to give out, and other times the games are meant to just be played for fun! There is no one best way to go about doing things: it’s what you feel would make your guests the happiest!

Below you’ll find strategies when it comes to casino party ideas for adults, and for giving out prizes at either private/corpor...

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Having a casino party is a fun, exciting, and surefire way to impress and entertain your guests! If there’s one thing in common between throwing a private bash, a corporate event, or a fundraiser, it’s that people appreciate all the little details that go into planning such an occasion. When you have a celebration and go with a casino night party, our team at Chicago Casino Suppliers will pull out all the stops for you! We show up with our professional grade equipment and tables, expertly trained staff, and plenty of chips to keep the games coming for hours. You also don’t have to worry about set up or tear down with your party. We’ll take care of that, too!

With all of the major legwork taken care of, that leaves you with time to add the little extras that your guests will really enjoy. So, what does every great party have? What does every amazing party need? A personalized soundtrack that gets people amped up!

When you’re the party planner, you also get the benefit of being DJ, and what better way to get your guests in the mood than with a Vegas inspired soundtrack? We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites to help you build your playlist. Set the vibe and make your guests feel like they’re spending a night in Sin City with these songs:


Essential casino night party songs:

1. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

2. Sin City – AC/DC

3. Pretty Vegas – INXS

4. Here’s to Las Vegas – Barry Manilow

5. Ace of Spades – Motorhead

6. Gambler – Madonna

7. Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones

8. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

9. Easy Money – Billy Joel

10. Roulette – Bon Jovi

11. Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man – Bob Seger

12. Roll of the Dice – Bruce Springsteen

13. Waking Up in Vegas – Katy Perry

14. Luck Be a Lady – Frank Sinatra

15. Get Lucky – Daft Punk

Got any great casino themed song suggestions of your own? Leave a comment with your favorite!
Looking for more ideas on throwing a casino night party? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you start planning the ultimate celebration!

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