How to Throw an Amazing Casino Party

Casino Party Ideas & Planning

Everyone wants to throw a party that friends will remember for years to come. Planning a party can seem tricky if you are trying for results that are “over the top”. After years of party-going and party-planning, I am here to tell you: There are amazing ideas that will make your event the hit of the century!

Everyone should be able to have fun. Not all of your friends will be ‘casino savvy’, so planning for different levels of casino experience will ensure everyone feels comfortable enough to enjoy themselves. Without a doubt, the most exciting game at a casino party is craps. It doesn’t take knowledge or experience to play, and nothing is more exciting than a table full of friends cheering you on. While there may be times when the dice is ‘cold’, it only takes a moment for the excitement to stir, and all of a sudden, the whole room is bursting with the thrill of the game.

Beat the dealer! Blackjack is another game where it does not take much experience to have fun. Like craps, this is a game that even people not playing can enjoy and build the excitement of the party. The hands are played quickly, and the anticipation runs high as everyone cheers when the dealer goes bust after hitting 21.

Playing for a win. Your friends will be more invested if they know there are prizes to be won. Most people are driven by competition, even if the prizes are simple ones like gift cards or gag gifts.

Give it the Vegas touch. Setting up the perfect atmosphere is important. Your guests will feel as though they have been transported to the Vegas Strip if you do it right.

Dress code. Whether you have your guests arrive in attire from the Roaring Twenties, or glammed up for black-tie formal, everyone will be excited to join in on the fun.

Red carpet arrival. Welcome your guests in true Vegas style. This is a great way to begin the excitement and set the atmosphere for a successful evening.


Showgirls. Everyone loves getting their picture taken with a beautiful showgirl, laden with feathers and sparkling gems. Bring the style of the Vegas stage to your party with this show-stopping idea.

Bond…James Bond. No other icon in history could top off a casino theme quite like 007 himself. Bringing in a celebrity look-alike will create an exciting buzz as photos are taken and the scene is set. Create a fun atmosphere by challenging friends to impersonate a celebrity for the evening, offering prizes for the most convincing costume.

Mystery abounds. Bring the allure of the unknown to your event with a magician walking around, while providing personal performances of magic tricks. Your guests will enjoy the opportunity for a palm or tarot reading if you have a mystic set up for fortune telling throughout the evening.

Organization is key. There is a lot to consider when you are planning any party, and a casino themed party is no exception.

Dealers. You want to enjoy the evening, celebrating with your friends. Let yourself be stress free by bringing in dealers to run the games. It will help set the mood, keep everything organized and under control, and they can be in charge of determining the winners at the end of the evening.

Equipment. Having the right equipment for the games is important, as well as providing seating and proper places for people to enjoy a drink or relaxed conversation.

The small details that make a big difference. Chips are an important component in setting the casino atmosphere. It makes your guests feel as if they are in a real casino. Handing out prizes and deciding on ‘winners’ at the end of the night is also much easier. Providing your guests with a cup or a silk bag to hold their chips is not only a functional way for them to keep track of them, but also offers a fun keepsake from the event.

At Chicago Casino Suppliers, we know how important it is for your event to go smoothly and provide your guests with an unforgettable experience. Let us help you organize a casino party that is the hit of the century. Contact us to find out more information.

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