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Why not try a Casino Night Fundraiser with Chicago Casino Suppliers?

Does your charitable organization need a new and inventive charity fundraiser for this year? Running out of fund raising ideas? Why not try a Casino Night Fundraiser with Chicago Casino Suppliers?

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Chicago Casino Suppliers is your one stop shop for all your casino night fund raising needs and casino themed event planning. Here are some of the most popular questions that we receive when organizers want to do a casino night fundraiser:


How does a casino night fundraiser raise money for my organization?

With a casino night fundraiser your organization will sell tickets for your event. The amount of the ticket price is up to your group, but we recommend a reasonable price to bring in as many guests as possible. With each ticket sold your group can plan on how many casino tables you will need in order to accommodate all of your guests (we recommend 40-50% of your guests should be able to play at one time). With Chicago Casino Suppliers we can update your event as late as 48 hours prior to your event, either adding or subtracting tables to accommodate your RSVP list. In order to raise money for your group you will need to sell as many tickets as possible, while minimizing your costs. If you attack the ticket sales by simply giving each board member 10 tickets to sell, you give your group a manageable number of tickets to sell. If you give ten members 10 tickets a piece, with each selling at $100 a ticket you can raise $10,000 faster and with less effort. After a room rental fee, possibly a DJ and a few other small expenses, and your casino equipment rental coming in around $3,000 ($1,295 for casino equipment, $1,000 for room rental, and $750 in entertainment and other small party costs) your group will clear $7,000 with minimal effort on a three or four hour party.

Do we play for real money or funny money?

If you are a 501c3 non for profit and have been one for a minimum of 5 years, you qualify for a charitable games license. You must apply for a charitable games license if you wish to play for real money. Just like at the casino when a player wins $100 the house (or the charity in this case) would lose $100. The risk is bigger when doing a real money event, and therefore you could raise more money. However, Chicago Casino Suppliers suggest you do a funny money event. With a funny money event there is no gambling and players are only playing for fun. Guests arrive and they are giving a certain amount of funny money chips (say $10,000), they can play in each game winning or loosing their funny money. At the end of the event guests can exchange their funny money for prize tickets.

How can we raise money after the initial ticket sales?

Once your guest arrive at your casino night fundraiser there are many ways to increase your evenings bottom line. You can have a silent auction, you can sell raffle tickets, and you can have a live auction. With a silent auction you simply have items on a table with a bid sheet under each item. Guests walk around and bid on those items, with the highest bid winning the item. If you can get those items donated from local businesses you can increase your silent auction bottom line by 100%. You can also have a raffle at your event. You will have to file for a raffle license with the city (CCS can help you with this process), and you can sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle (meaning 50% of the sales will go into the pot for the winner of the raffle and 50% is donated to your group). You could also have a live auction just like you see on TV. With a live auctioneer, and tons of great prizes.

I have more questions who can help?


Chicago Casino Suppliers works with over 75 organizations in the state of Illinois who have chosen to do a casino night fundraiser. Let us help you in your decision making process with our years of experience on what works and what does not work when doing a Vegas Casino Night Fundraiser. We pride ourselves on being experts in the gaming industry, with top quality casino grade gaming tables and dealers, top notch customer service, and most importantly the most competitive prices on casino night party planning. We are so confident on our abilities that we guarantee your group will not find a better price when choosing a casino party planner, and if you do we will beat our competitors price by 20%

A Chicago Casino Suppliers VIP Casino Host will walk you through your casino night fundraiser from its inception to completion. We can help you identify and evaluate additional sources of revenue to help you maximize your fund raising profitability. With 10 years experience in casino event planning, our dedication to your event’s success is our only priority. Ask about our complimentary fund raising consultation to help you get started.

And remember with Chicago Casino Suppliers you will feel like a guest at your own party!

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