Casino Party Prizes [7 Ideas]


Prizes are a good way to keep your guests competitive and interested in the casino night games. Your casino party prizes don’t need to break the budget. You can spend a moderate amount of money to get a combination of awesome prizes alongside a few mystery or gag gifts. The bottom line is, you know your customers… so get party prizes that they are going to have a good time with.

1. Sporting Event Tickets

We live in a city full of sports teams – Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, Bears, Fire. If your clients are local grab some box seats off Stub Hub to include in your casino party prizes.

2. Small Electronics

You can usually find great deals on small electronics at Amazon, Walmart, HHGreg or These easy to pack casino party prizes are perfect for out-of-town guests. Our suggestions: FitBit, iPod, Bose Portable Speaker, FlipCam, Wireless Headphones, Tablets, eReaders or Wireless Surveillance Camera (just for kicks).

3. Funny / Fun Gifts

If you’re on a strict budget, load up on funny cheap gifts that everyone can have a good time with. You can find this type of gift online at Uncommon Goods,, Off The Wagon Shop or even Etsy. Our suggestions: Foodie Dice, Selfie Stick, Bacon Scarf, Flask Mitten or Board Games.

4. Trips or Vacations

Setup your customers with a vacation package from a travel agent or complimentary flights within the US. Usually you can get these with enough airline or credit card points.


5. Lotto Tickets

Who doesn’t want the chance to win $1,000 a week for life? Lotto tickets are a win-win. You can easily control the price, pick them up almost anywhere and give your customers the chance to win big!


6. Local Gift Certificates

If you’re group is local, gift certificates to high-end restaurants, local stores or attractions are really appreciated. It’s a way for your guests to explore the city or try something new on your dime.


7. Memorabilia

Do you have a specific set of customers or guests who would appreciate a signed jersey or limited edition figurine? This might be a little harder to come by, but your guests will love the opportunity to win it!

If you need any help planning your next casino event with Chicago Casino Suppliers – please don’t hesitate to ask! We love using our years of experience to make your event the very best.

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