Casino Party Ideas for Adults: How to Award Prizes

Having a casino party is like the adult version of going to an arcade and earning tickets while you play games. Except in this case, you’re collecting chips instead! So what should your guests do with all of those chips they’re earning? Here at Chicago Casino Suppliers, we’ve worked with plenty of parties, and have seen many different strategies for awarding prizes. Sometimes the host will supply prizes to give out, and other times the games are meant to just be played for fun! There is no one best way to go about doing things: it’s what you feel would make your guests the happiest!

Below you’ll find strategies when it comes to casino party ideas for adults, and for giving out prizes at either private/corporate parties, or for fundraising events.


Casino party prize methods:

If you’re hosting a private party or a corporate event and want to get your guests in the competitive spirit, supplying prizes is one of the best ways you can get everyone excited! Here are a few ways you can go about doing this:

1. Have a raffle.

This is the easiest and one of the most effective strategies we’ve seen for hosting casino parties. What you’ll do is have one or several prizes to give out at the end of the night. After everyone has finished playing, they’ll convert their chips into raffle tickets, which can be used to enter to win the prizes. To avoid having too many tickets, you can decide how many chips it will take to convert into a ticket.

Next, get a raffle drum, box, or large fishbowl, and have your guests decide how many tickets they want to spend entering for each prize. Be sure to offer every guest who ends the night without any chips a consolation raffle ticket so they can enter for a prize!

2. Auction.

This method is like the raffle one, except instead of increasing your odds to win with more chips, you’re outright buying the prize! The auction method is nice to use if you have a variety of prizes to give out. This ensures that even those with less chips can potentially bid with each other for a prize. Just make sure you don’t have too many prizes, otherwise it will take too much time to finish the auction!

3. Buy It Now.

This is the true arcade experience, and a good idea if you want to have lots of smaller prizes. Your guests will convert their total chips into tickets or points, and you will provide prizes they can “buy” with their tickets. Ideas include candy, trinkets, puzzles, games, and anything else you think would be fun! For a corporate event, you could also include things like branded clothing and office supplies.

What if I’m hosting a fundraiser?

Fundraisers or charity events in the form of casino parties will often also be combined with a live or silent auction. To maximize revenue from your fundraising efforts, it is best to keep your donated items separate from the prizes you wish to give out as part of the casino party. In other words, you will want a different collection of lower priced items to give out as prizes for the casino night, and to keep your more valuable donated items in the auction.

Remember: when it comes to casino party ideas for adults, prizes aren’t mandatory!

While prizes are an added bonus, you don’t necessarily need them to have a great night with your friends and colleagues! The very nature of a casino party means that people will be having fun and competing with each other, and that is what matters most.

If you’d like help planning your casino party and figuring out the best way to handle prizes, get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to organize a casino event that your guests will love!

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